Whats it like being a landscape architect?

Landscape architects can design gardens for resorts. Landscape architects spend much of their time in offices, where they create plans and designs, prepare models and preliminary cost estimates, and meet with clients and workers involved in the design or planning of a project. They spend the rest of their time in workplaces. Landscape architecture combines art and science to improve not only the environment, but also our daily lives.

You have the opportunity to influence the global experience of outdoor spaces as a landscape architect, and you have infinite ways and places to do so. Now it's just up to you. Are you up for the challenge? If a good design is invisible, you may not realize the intentional decisions involved in designing a landscape. A landscape architect's job is to subtly guide you through a physical space and shape the way you interact with it, and it's more than just choosing potted plants.

Using these various artistic tools can help landscape architects and their clients to ensure that both of them are satisfied with the final design and construction. Strategies for fostering communities through landscape architecture may include improving access roads, preserving wetlands, incorporating public art, or providing a space for public debate. A landscape architect specializing in environmental planning has in-depth knowledge related to sustainable practices. To boost creativity, landscape architects also collaborate with each other and even with other fields of design, such as architecture and engineering, adding the benefit of several different ideas.

Landscape architects can also design green roofs, that is, roofs covered with soil and living plants, which can help clean up rainwater and reduce the temperature of the surrounding air. Landscape architects who work for companies may have greater job security, but those who are engaged in business on their own can enjoy greater flexibility in their types of projects and work schedules. Senior landscape architects are more likely to be involved in bidding projects and negotiating fees with clients. A landscape architect in urban design can help with projects such as the appearance of streets, transportation routes, interior landscapes and public squares.

A landscape architect learns about many elements of visual design through his work, including the arrangements of colors, shapes and textures in an outdoor space. With a creative eye and an environmental awareness, landscape architects design to improve everyday life. Analyze the characteristics of the natural landscape and determine how to incorporate them into your architectural plans. Landscape architects who specialize in site planning take into account factors such as the topography of an outdoor space, property lines, streets, existing buildings, and public services.

Landscape architects often help preserve the distinctive history of the outer space they are working in by implementing a new design.