Is it worth getting a landscape design?

If, like us, you're considering doing serious yard work, hiring a landscape designer is definitely a good decision. Getting a professional to plan your garden project can mean a 5 to 20% increase in the value of your home, so it's worth considering. The main potential obstacle to hiring a landscape designer is cost. While that concern is completely valid, it's important to keep in mind that drawing up a comprehensive landscape design plan and executing it requires creativity, thorough planning and research, physical work, and time.

While DIY projects can be enjoyable and rewarding, sometimes doing all the work yourself isn't practical, and in some cases, you may even end up costing more if you don't have the right tools, equipment, or knowledge. In many cases, homeowners don't realize these hidden costs until the project is underway, at which point they're faced with the difficult decision of trying to move forward or admitting they're wrong and calling a professional. Yes, it's worth hiring a professional architect or landscape designer. Interior designers can also give advice on how best to use exterior landscaping in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Landscape design provides a complete picture of your living needs to make decisions about how you will best live in your environment. Landscape architects have a wide range of capabilities beyond basic landscape design. They can help plan outdoor structures and irrigation systems, as well as large scale commercial spaces. If you need more landscape reform, they would be the perfect professional for the job.

They have access to plants and materials that you won't find at your local garden center, which can take your gardening to a whole new level and will create a plan that will ensure it has a seasonal color all year round. For most projects, you can choose a landscape architect or landscape designer to bring your ideas to life. A landscape architect is formally licensed and can design a plan for your entire yard, including structural changes. Landscape plans are made to scale and include natural elements such as flowers, trees and grass, as well as artificial elements, such as garden furniture, fountains and sheds.

An important thing to remember is that a general landscape design plan can be executed all at once or in stages over the years, depending on what you can afford. But the good news is that landscape design also has an excellent return on investment from a monetary standpoint. A landscape architect will create a well-located rain garden for backyards that could suffer from seasonal flooding. If you're not sure what you want or if your big plan requires changing the layout of the land, you may need the expertise of a landscape architect.

The goal of getting a gardening plan is for you to eventually build the space, either through a contractor or with your own DIY equipment. A qualified and knowledgeable landscape designer can help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams with innovative design ideas and personalized consultations. Like the icing on the cake, landscape lighting can add the finishing touch to your garden and to the overall curb appeal of your home. If you are planning to tender the plans to other gardening contractors, I would definitely recommend that you pay for the plans.

The biggest difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect is the nature of the projects they undertake. Regarding what is a reasonable amount to spend on landscape design in general, the most appropriate general rule is 5 to 10%. For discerning Dallas clients who want to express their own distinctive style through their gardens, Bonick Landscaping can help you realize your dream. .