Do architects and landscape architects work together?

No matter how difficult a property's landscape seems, there are always opportunities for architects and landscape architects to collaborate on functional design. Landscape architecture combines design, nature, construction and science. They form successful project teams by partnering with sister professions, such as civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, planners, conservationists, soil scientists, biologists, artists, geotechnical engineers and hydrologists. Custom design and flawless installation require both landscape architects and landscape contractors to do the job well.

This is why the collaboration of landscape architects and contractors produces numerous benefits for both parties. Both landscape architects and architects work on design. The key difference between a landscape architect and an architect is the approach to what they design. Landscape architects focus on designing outdoor areas while architects design plans.

Landscape architects can create green oases in city centers through parks, gardens and green roofs. When a building design intentionally reacts to the surrounding landscape, it can decrease energy use, improve indoor and outdoor user comfort, and reduce earthmoving and utility installation costs. While this is great for landscape architects, it removes the landscape contractor's control of the sale. Landscape architects determine the location of buildings, the traffic patterns of pedestrians and vehicles, and design the outdoor amenities created by the spaces between structures and public infrastructure, such as squares, avenues, urban landscapes and parks.

Once a landscape contractor partners with a landscape architect, the referral flow can work both ways. Landscape architects and architects are highly trained professionals who need a degree in their field. Working as a landscape architect usually requires a bachelor's degree, and some may choose to complete a master's degree before entering this field. The image below of this beautiful green wall by world-famous Patrick Blanc is just another example of architects trying to cover their walls with green landscapes.

If you are lucky enough to work with a landscape architect who has been involved in important projects, such as the design of local monuments or public facilities, your name may give recognition to your company. The Platinum Group is an architectural landscape design company that is responsible for design, project management and installation in-house. As today's homeowners become increasingly informed through landscape research, they tend to go directly to the landscape architect, rather than the installer, to meet their precise requests. In conclusion, architecture needs to learn from landscape architecture how not only to design something new, but also how to respect the initial natural elements of the site, as well as long-term changes and the impact on the urban context.

The planning decisions made by landscape architects can lead people to live healthier and happier lives. The WLA is a landscape architecture industry website that publishes about projects, news, events, product reviews and organizes annual WLA awards and design contests. Many people don't realize that the university campus they hang out at or the business park where they work was probably designed and planned by a landscape architect.