All pot plant tags are printed on a satin finish, tough and durable, UV resistant, recyclable polypropylene which is almost impossible to tear or break. White plant tags can be printed on one or both sides (Some colours available printed on one side only) No need to order or keep large stocks of printed plant tags. Buy only the number of tags you need for de-flasking, potting-up from community pots or seedling trays.

PROMPT delivery - Usually completed & despatched within 3-5 working days


Best suited to larger pots or plant names with cultural notes or lengthy descriptive notes.

  Part No .
  LSW: White, Printed one side
  LDW: White, Printed both sides

25 x 125mm


Suitable for most genera/plant names and brief descriptions.

  Part No .
  SSW: White, Printed one side
  SDW: White, Printed both sides

18 x 125mm


Economic tags, best suited to plant names only and small pots.

  Part No .
  TSW: White, Printed one side
  TDW: White, Printed both sides

12 x 115 mm


Suited to slipping over the hook or tying to cork, tree-fern, timber or other mounted plants. Holes normally vertical, but can be either horizontal or both on request.

  Part No .
  MSW: White, Printed one side
  MDW: White, Printed both sides

40 x 60mm


Can be made any size to suit most types of display stakes or for fixing to benches .

100 x 145 mm
or Size To Suit

Note: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Blue kept in stock, other coloured tags are only made to order (Subject to the availability of raw materials)

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