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All plant tags are made in Australia. These plastic plant tags and bench display cards are a satin finish, UV resistant, tough and durable, recyclable polypropylene which is almost impossible to tear or break.

Can I tag my whole collection, with only one or two of each tag?
NO PROBLEM! Send us your list or data file (We can print direct from Excel, Word, Access, database or text files on to your plant tags.

I Have some FLASKS or COMPOTS ready to pot up, can you help?
NO PROBLEM! We can supply just the right quantity of each plant tag needed.

Can I print my Nursery Name or Club Name and Logo (if suitable)
on each plant tag?

NO PROBLEM! Send us your design and we can reproduce it on your own plant tags, we will print it at no extra cost (Artwork setup charge may apply).

Can I create my own special design or chart on my plant tag to record information such as de-flasking, re-potting, flowering or cultural details?
NO PROBLEM! Send us your design and we can reproduce it on your own plant tags.

Can I use special letter styles and fonts?
NO PROBLEM.....We can print use your font printed at no extra cost.

Can I print my barcodes on the tags?
NO PROBLEM! We can print barcodes at no extra cost !

I need Sequential numbering, can you help?
NO PROBLEM! Sequential numbering is available for your Club seedling competition at no extra cost.

Do your tags have holes?
NO PROBLEM! All push-in pot plant tags or mount tags can be provided with holes for tying.

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